The Desire of the Ages in Seven Steps
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Revelation 1-6a   Step 1   Restore the church to her first love
Revelation 6-14   Step 2   Reconcile the people of the world to their God
Revelation 15-18   Step 3   God's wrath expressed in His strange acts
Revelation 19   Step 4   Reward the ones that accept reconciliation
Revelation 20a   Step 5   Rest for the planet and its inhabitants
Revelation 20b   Step 6   Resolve all sin at the throne (judgment seat) of God
Revelation 21-22   Step 7   Renew the heavens and earth


The apocalyptic language in Revelation is both mysterious and frightening.  This world and its current age is all we know.  Everything else we have only heard about.  The thought that the world as we know it will come to an end brings trepidation to each of us.  Even individuals believing in a place better than this one become fearful when discussing the time of the end. 

The notion of the current suffering world coming to an end is at least slightly unsettling to most people, but everything that must transpire before it ends is terrifying.  Apocalyptic writings are difficult to understand, but they clearly state that when we part from this planet, we will not go quietly into the night.  Dying scares me, but not as much as how I will die.  When we consider that God reveals so little about our personal death, why would He write in great detail about end-time matters?  

So many have added their own interpretations and written so much about end-time matters then delivered their understanding with great conviction.  I wonder about the fullness of our understanding and consider that perhaps we only know in part.  Knowing how I will die does not increase my opportunities and would probably limit my ambitions.  This same reasoning applies to God's limited revelation regarding end-time matters to generations prior to the final one.  The fullest revelation will be reserved for the final generation.  Daniel 12:4, 8-10

Every generation of Christians since the apostles has been in awe of apocalyptic writings and most felt a great yearning to go home.  Therefore, they studied end-time messages and considered that they might be the final generation.  God feeds this need with wisdom that is applicable to their situation.  He rewarded their desires, satisfied the hunger in their soul and considered every age when He wrote about the end of all things.  However,  it is the final generation that has a great need to know all the minute details.  Is it possible that we could be that generation?  

When we consider the end of time, we should refuse to dwell on all that will be lost.  Instead, our focus should be that God desires to rescue all from a perishing planet just before our dying world meets its demise.  However, driven by a lack of spiritual understanding most avoid cooperating with the rescue mission.  In addition, there is an agency that is actively seeking to clutter our minds, harden our hearts and cloud our vision deliberately causing many to miss the opportunity.  This agency desires to keep us captive in this dark place by deluding us into making war against the only deliverance we have, but the Word of God points us to The Way.

The revelations in apocalyptic writings will clearly demonstrate The Way to the final generation.  This generation of believers will hear the seven thunders.  Revelation 10  The wise will heed the message and the foolish will hide behind their belief system expecting shelter from the storm.  As the time of the end begins, all children of God will hear the thunder and feel the earth move under their feet, but few will recognize the message.  It is the privilege of those that hear the voice of God in the thunders to deliver what they hear during a time of duress.

Do not expect THE EXODUS to be a stroll in the park.  The individuals of the final generation must decide in their hearts and minds that they will walk this predesigned rough and rocky path of deliverance with determined dedication.  When we are tempted to grumble because the way out of bondage is harsh, we should be grateful to God for preparing the way and for doing the heavy lifting.

Revelation, Daniel and other apocalyptic biblical passages reveal the ONLY ONE that can provide deliverance.  It is my great concern that we will be deceived by the destructive one.  However, it is my conviction that if we know our Deliverer, we will recognize the destroyer when he comes falsely claiming to bring deliverance.  I pray the following studies will help you to recognize the counterfeit because you have gained a more intimate knowing of Truth through the Revelation of Jesus.

God designed His Holy Word to speak to all men of every nation and notion.  The Word moves across geographical boundaries while it traverses across eras.  The Word of God was written in such a way that as it moves through time, it refuses to leave any generation void.  The Word of God is applicable for the current generation, the ones before it and the ones to come.  It has been said that truth is ever unfolding; yet, Solomon said there is nothing new under the sun.  That is especially true of God because he is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, but a believer's knowledge of Him has the potential to ever increase revealing precious personality traits that turn a relationship into a union.  Becoming one with the Father, Holy Spirit and Son is the pinnacle of human rights.  Why do so few aspire the ascension? 

The final generation will witness things that no other generation, including apostles, patriarchs and prophets, have ever witnessed.  The people of the final generation are mere mortals greatly beloved by a benevolent Heavenly Father making them no different from other believers from previous generations.  However, the final age will be different because of its difficulties.  God will not be caught unaware and neither will His people.  I believe God has something to tell the final generation that He has not shared with any other.  Daniel 8:15-17, 26; Revelation 10:4-7; Matthew 24:32-35  This knowledge will profoundly change the saints of the last age giving them a glimpse into a dimension of God that few others have ever seen.  This awareness will bring a freshness to their relationship with God and move them to risk all to share their knowledge with unrelated people from our perishing planet.   

I have spent a portion of my lifetime studying various interpretations of the messages found in Daniel and Revelation.  If you are also a student of apocalyptic writings you have an awareness of how vast and varied the interpretations are.  Most interpretations have elements of correctness, but since many directly oppose many others, they can not all be correct.  Yet, if it is true that God has something special to reveal to the final generation, then all previous interpretations have the potential to be applicable for their generation and yet, not be 100% correct for the last generation.  Therefore, any study put forth by a previous generation will limit you to the understanding God delivered to that era.  If you only study their imparted wisdom, you are confined to their box and will limit the understanding God has available to you today.  I encourage you to stand on the shoulders of greatness and partake of the bounty of God through their vision.  However, knowing who and what to study from the sea of opinions quickly overwhelms the student.  It is much easier and more desirable to go directly to the Word and pray for discernment. 

You do not have to be sanctioned by ordination to receive the message God has for the final generation.  It has never been God's practice to only impart knowledge to the theologian.  Actually, it appears that He has more often imparted understanding to those of least worldly expectations.  I encourage you to study God's word and pray for spiritual understanding expecting God to reveal Truth to you. 

The passages in Revelation that have always been so mysterious to me in the past appear to slip into one of seven slots.  As I continue my studies and ask for divine wisdom, this current conviction regarding the book of Revelation becomes stronger.  If there is truth in my current understanding, then the time of the end message in Revelation is much more profoundly simplistic than we have previously believed.   

At the top of the page, a chart with an approximate division of the book of Revelation into the seven steps through the time of the end has been included.  Please study the following chart for or a more precise division of the chapters and verses in the Revelation of Jesus.  This chart reflects my current understanding of the truth and is subject to change as I continue to study the material.  I believe the Master is guiding me, but I am a slow learner requiring God to cover the same course multiple times.  However, His patience knows no bounds and is willing to tutor me as long as it is in my heart to know Him.  He is willing to do the same for all that seek Him.

It is my desire to avoid being dogmatic about the teachings in this website while I wait for divine deliverance.  The scriptures are clear that God will reveal truth to the pure in heart; however, it is not my claim that God has delivered all truth to me.  Instead, it is my desire to faithfully deliver witness of any understanding God may have imparted to me.  I reserve the right to modify the information on this website as time and the benevolence of our Heavenly Father reveals Jesus to us--the final generation. 

In short I reserve the right to be wrong.  Consider that we may not have the ability to see things God has revealed to others because we are still seeing only in part.  Also, forgive me if God has imparted wisdom to you, and I am too spiritually near-sighted to see it.  Let us pray for each other believing that God will provide eyesalve to cure our blindness.



30 days 3.5 years   <50 days a moment in
the twinkling
of an eye 
1,000 years   < 1 day  at God's
Elul Days of Awe
Day of Atonement

 Feast pFeast of

8th Day

Rev 1:1-20
Rev 2:1-29
Rev 3:1-22
Rev 4:1-11
Rev 5:1-14
Rev 6:1-6
Rev 7:1-8

Rev 10:1-11
Rev 11:1-2
Rev 12:1-6

Rev 6:7-11

Rev 8:2-13
Rev 9:1-12

Rev 11:3-12
Rev 12:7-17
Rev 13:1-10
Rev 13:11-18
Rev 14:1-16


Rev 6:12-17

Rev 9:13-21

Rev 11:13-14

Rev 14:17-20
Rev 15:1-8
Rev 16:1-15
Rev 17:1-18
Rev 18:1-24




Rev 11:15-19




Rev 16:16-21

Rev 19:1-10
Rev 19:11-21


Rev 7:9-17 


Rev 20:1-6

Rev 8:1 


Rev 20:7-15



Rev 21:1-27
Rev 22:1-21

Please feel free to make comments at the bottom of this page.  I will do my best to answer all questions and respond to all comments.  I may be slow to respond because I have other employment.  Since I am not all-knowing, it is expected that I will not have all the answers to all the questions.  We both know THE ONE that does.  It is frustrating to wait until we are of age to receive wisdom, but even Daniel did not have all understanding.  I pray that you have a blessed life and that you receive a blessing from these studies.  Learn more. . .

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